Photography on my mind

19 Jun

Wow! I was overwhelmed by the support people showed on facebook about my new blog and career choice. It’s exciting, scary, and intimidating all at the same time. However, I know there are people that want to watch me succeed. That is huge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


So, what happens when I have photography on my mind while cooking? This…

Charred “crispies”

I was chopping cabbage, then stirring the sesame chicken. Then back to the cabbage. Oh, stir the chicken. A little more cabbage. Somewhere in there my daughter Madalyn said “Don’t forget about the oven”. Well, I had photography ideas swirling in my head. It was hard enough to keep focused on the mundane task of stirring and chopping. So, I forgot about the oven. Like I almost always do. (I said almost.)

No problem. We’ll just start over. Nope, no more ramen. Boo. Okay, I’ll try one. Maybe they’re not so bad. I popped an almond slice in my mouth and thought I took a bite out of a charcoal briquette! Eww. Terrible. While I like my share of “crispies” in Asian Coleslaw, I wasn’t about to ruin the entire salad with burnt crispies. I’ll just take out the black ones (or hundreds) and we’ll see what we can salvage.

After removing almost 3/4 cup of burnt crispies, I was satisfied. And, I have to say, it wasn’t too bad. Except for the occasional missed charred crispy.

Sesame Chicken over rice with Asian “not-so-charred” Coleslaw.

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