Father’s day 2012

22 Jun

What do you get the best Dad ever for Father’s Day? Well, from here on out, pictures of his kids, of course!

Father’s Day has come and gone but our gift to Mike will be memorable. At least for me. In an effort to practice my skills I dragged the kids out on a photo shoot. I’m not below bribing. It cost me a few bucks and some ice cream, but it was well worth it. I only had two conditions. 1. They had to let me help them pick out the clothes and 2. They had to pretend that I was someone else. I didn’t want to be “Mom taking pictures”. I wanted to practice taking portraits and I knew if “Mom” was taking the pictures it would be different than if it was a stranger. The kids humored me. For the most part.

We spent an hour or so at the park shooting in different locations. I felt like a fish out of water. I had no idea what I was doing. Even though I had been to this same park just a month or so before to help a friend while she shot some senior pictures. (Thanks again, Jennifer, for letting me tag along!) However, I was there at a different time of day so the sun was in spots where there had been shade. Duh. A few hours makes a big difference in the location of the sun. I knew this. But failed to think about it. It had also rained in recent days so the rock that I wanted them to sit on was under water. No problem. The other locations were good, but I had only seen them done with one senior, not three kids. That day at the park was my definition of “winging it.”

Fortunately, we had some laughs, steered clear of any tears, and got it done. I was happy with a few of the photos. Not too bad for a beginner, but I definitely need more practice. The hardest part was getting all three sets of eyes in focus. Yep. More practice. The kids are going to LOVE me. I mean my alter-ego photographer.

So, what did I learn from this photo shoot?

1. I still have a lot to learn. Including post processing.

2. I think clients that I don’t know as well may be easier to shoot than my own children.

3. I need a bigger diffuser for three people, or better shade.

4. Assistants can be a huge help. (Thanks, Sarah!)

5. I still have a lot to learn.

6. It’s hard to get the subject correctly exposed when they’re in the shade and not blow out the bright background.

7. I need A LOT more practice.


8. I still have a lot to learn.

“Remember, this is for Dad.”


Next cover of GQ. (Is that magazine even still around?)



Stephen striking a pose. Madalyn was almost always ready.

Don’t these kids look like they like eachother? All for ice cream Dad.


Madalyn’s friend Sarah came along that day. She held the diffuser to soften the bright sun when I needed her to. Not sure what I would have done without her that day! She wanted to take a picture to give to her dad, too. She was also rewarded with ice cream.


Sarah and Madalyn

At the end of the day we had what I wanted, practice and photos for Dad. I think he was happy with them. Now I just need to decorate some walls with and send some to the grandparents.

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