Colorado on fire – part two

28 Jun

Tuesday, June 26th, the day I wrote my last blog post, was a horrible day for Colorado Springs. Around 4:00 that afternoon the Waldo Canyon fire spread in a fury that no one could predict. The fire jumped two canyons and caught 65 mph winds at the top of the ridges. It barreled down the mountain side uncontrollably. I heard that the fire was moving at a pace of one mile every five minutes. I don’t know if that is true, but it moved very quickly. So far, 346 homes are confirmed destroyed. The most homes lost in the Colorado’s history. I have not heard of injuries but I did hear that few people may be missing.

Tuesday was heartbreaking. I drove to a few spots where I could get a few photos of the fire. Both of the places I went to were crowded. People were somber, talking in low whispers. I’m sure others were as thankful as I was that my home was not in the path of the fire. My heart goes out to the families that will be starting over. Posessions can be replaced. Life can not. Memories will live on and new ones will be made. Colorado Springs will recover.

My thanks go out to the over 1,100 brave men and women that are battling this fire.

The last two days we have had lighter winds and some cloud cover which helps keep the temperature down. They have made some headway against this fire. It is now 15% contained.

The photo below was taken from the Cottonwood Creek path just behind my house. I walked down a few houses. The lights on the left are at the softball fields at Cottonwood Creek Park. This was about 4:30 pm when the fire started down the mountain. The black smoke worsened, covered our house, and filled the north side of town. It was very eerie.

This photo was taken from the parking lot of a church at E. Woodmen and Lexington just before 10 pm. I believe this is the Mountain Shadows neighborhood on fire.

After the church parking lot I drove to the East Library on Union.

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One response to “Colorado on fire – part two

  1. Art Thiele

    July 2, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    Katy, You did an excellent job of documenting the fire as well as photographing it. Very informative. Jan sent it to us, and although we are not on face book I managed to get to your report. (I also looked at your excellent photographic work for Father’s Day!) Yes, the fire was tragic. We have good friends here in Scottsbluff who have a daughter, son in law, and 3 grand- children who were wiped out in the Waldo fire. Their home was in the Mountain Shadows (I think that’s the name) subdivision. Their name is Abernethy (Doug & Kristin). I would guess them to be around the ages as you, Michael, and your 3 children. She is a middle school teacher, and he’s an architect. A very nice young family. I am glad you are all safe. Keep up the fine work. You can be very proud of what you have accomplished already and where you are right now. Warm regards to you all, Art Thiele


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