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They’re here!

(Now I just have to live up to them. Ahhhh!)

Thank you once again to Jenn and Brandon Derrick for letting me take a few shots at your reception. I’m not sure if I would have followed this same path had you not indulged me. And, a big thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law, Stacy. The editing help was fantastic. She was also the person who recommended Thanks again. I loved their mini-cards! They are half the size of a regular business card but twice the fun! I had to order them. I’m looking forward to when I have more photo options to put on them! (Which may be sooner rather than later. Stay tuned!)

The packaging was fun, too. I have my own cute little box for my business cards. Yay! is right!

Drum roll, please…

Ta da!


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