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Successful improvising

My sister would be so proud. I was able to make dinner last night without a trip to the grocery store! (Wow, I haven’t thought about this for years.)

As a teenager, my sister used to tease me because it seemed I could never make a recipe without going to the grocery store first. (Not a lot has changed, although, I am better.) Every once in a while, I have to put ingredients away when I realize I don’t have everything and figure something else out (or not make the cookies. Boo.) However, now I don’t necessarily head out to the store unless I’ve already started cooking the meal. Or, my husband is gracious enough to go for me.

Well, with a little improvising, last night’s dinner was a success! As I thought about dinner – and how badly I’d love to find a great local Thai restaurant – I pulled out a cookbook and the first page I turned to was a recipe that I knew was very simple. A Pampered Chef recipe called Satay Chicken Pasta Salad – perfect for a weeknight. While we didn’t have the exact ingredients that the recipe called for, it was close enough. Over the years I have learned to improvise with some ingredients. (My husband is even better at improvising – he rarely uses a recipe! And, he’s a great cook.) Sometimes my improvising works, sometimes it doesn’t. Last night, I was lucky. I used different noodles and dressing for the sauce, but it still tasted great. Not as good as the original recipe but we were still able to enjoy a Thai-influenced meal without heading to the store (even though we could have used some lettuce).

Hmm, I wonder what we’ll be having tomorrow. At least I know we need lettuce.

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